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PostSubject: FET3   FET3 I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2008 3:43 pm

Hi [MR] here a new competition FET3 i suppose you know the rules but i copy here the rules :

  • Season: 12 teams of 2 players each will play in a 24-players race on two multilap-maps each SUNDAY, 20:00h.
  • Rescheduling: The match cannot be delayed.
  • Substitutes: You can freely choose 2 of 4 drivers for
    each map of the competition, even inbetween a league day. The points
    will go on account of the whole team. If you have more than 2 players
    missing, you can also play alone, or leave out a map.
  • Winners: The player the team with the most points after 7 weeks will win the Championship.
  • Map pack: map packs will be available in "Download" every Sunday after the previous Formula ET races.

    --------- During the match -----------
  • Rounds: Each Sunday at 20:00h CET, 12 teams with 2
    players each meet each other in a 24 players race on a laps server with
    24 laps set for each map.
  • Waiting time: Race start is 20:00h! Try to start
    joining the server at 19:45h and to be online at 19:55h latest. The
    race starts at 20:00h, independent, who is there or not.
  • Game versions: The whole tournament will be played on Trackmania United Forever.
  • IRC & meeting: be sure one of your players
    (preferably the captain) is connected to #ET.TM on quakenet before and
    after any challenges, so you can decide who host, what are the servers
    and password names. Please remember that ICQ or MSN are not the main
    communication way and appearing in IRC is MANDATORY. If you don't have
    IRC, use the IRC browser module on the ET Portal Page.
  • Map order: The map order for both maps, such as the lap
    count for the maps will be given by the league admins each week, at
    once after the previous Formula ET race.
  • Server Settings: Servers are setup by ET in Laps mode, 24 laps. You find the servers located in Estonia, named by the group you're playing in.
  • Shortcuts: CAUTION: "Shortcuts are allowed as long as
    they're taken between 2 CP and in the good oder/way of the original
    track". But in the case of a player getting out of the track after an
    accident, it is allowed to get back on the track taking the CP in the
    wrong way and respawning, since the first intention was not to use a
    shortcut. A player getting out of the track and having to get back to
    the CP is in no way gaining time, so this is allowed. Only the
    intentionnal shortcuts are prohibited.
  • In game: Always do a few warm-up laps (2-3 laps at
    least). If you notice a lag during the warm-up, tell it. You are not
    supposed to start a round if you experience problems. Once everyone
    agrees to start the map, the map has to be played until the end. No
    change of players is allowed when a map is started. If a problem
    occurs, always take screenshots or replay as a proof and report
    immediately to an admin (there will always be 5-6 of us on irc during
    the games).
  • Fairness: If you occur an invalid time due to an error network, before all players finished the first lap,
    restart the round for fairness. Once the first lap is finished, it's
    the drivers error to not correctly setup his/her computer. A restart
    can be done by vote or forced by the server admin.
  • Upload/Download Limitations: It is strictly forbidden
    to put the upload/download speed setting to 0, forbidding other players
    to see you during the game. The main reason is that such a behavior is
    unfair, because your car does not appear on replays taken by others,
    and therefore is a gate opened to cutters and cheaters of all kind. A
    team caught using the 0 UL/DL will not receive points for the week. If
    the team is caught a second time, it will be banned from the FET and
    from other competitions.

    --------- After the match -----------
  • Results: The scores will be given, as the following list shows:
    finishing 1st: 15 pts
    finishing 2nd: 12 pts
    finishing 3rd: 11 pts
    finishing 4.: 10 pts
    finishing 5.: 9 pts
    finishing 6.: 8 pts
    finishing 7.: 7 pts
    finishing 8.-9.: 6pts
    finishing 10.-11.: 5 pts
    finishing 12.-13.: 4 pts
    finishing 14.-16.: 3 pts
    finishing 17.-21.: 2 pts
    finishing 20.-22.: 1 pt
    not finishing inbetween the time limit: 0 ptsPlease take a screenshot of the final result and give it to an admin.
    To avoid someone presses DEL in Lap Mode to start outside the main field, we count the position the player reaches the finish, and not the time the player finishes with. You are supposed to start the race with all players together!
  • Reports: Players are invited to write a report on
    the forums after their matchs, sharing their best moments, their points
    of vue and other screens & replays. It's always a pleasure to read
    them !
  • Conflicts: Laming, Cheating, Abusing, Moaning and all
    other bad attitudes will be stopped right away by kicking the player or
    the whole team out of the league. Report bad attitudes to Admins. Don't
    forget to join replays that could proof your accusations.
  • Admins might change/add rules to improve the leagues at any time

so its 2player and you play every sunday
if you are interested contact members of the team gogogo

MR POWAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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